the seaview ave nw location is now closed.  please visit us at geo's bar & grill - greenwood.  

10515 Greenwood Ave North


Cuban & Creole


we have moved!

visit us at our new greenwood location:

10515 Greenwood ave north, Seattle, 98133 / 206-457-5278

We only use quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes.  Everything is homemade right down to the stocks for soups, roux for the gumbo, marinades and sauces. You can taste t​he difference for yourself.



Welcome to Geo's Cuban & Creole cafe in Seattle, Washington.  A little corner of Cuba right in your neighborhood. We're proud to serve delicious authentic dishes as well as a fusion of Cuban & Creole cuisine. 

Since opening in 2013, Geo's has earned a loyal base of returning customers.  Relax and enjoy a cozy setting with all of your friends.  Great food, quality customer service, community and good times are all part of the Geo's experience.

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Geo's Cuban & Creole in Seattle